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Photographer Marlon Ruddock formed The Photograph Inn in 2010 out of a desire to create a home for your wedding images and to put an end to the millions of wedding images being lost or forgotten to services like Facebook, on old hard drives and scratched DVDs. “Where will these images be fifteen, ten or even five years from now? How will we pass these images on to our future children, or even theirs. Technology and services come and go but the well printed image lives on.” Says Marlon Ruddock, Head Photographer & Inn Keeper,.

Photograph Inn comprise select photographers that have a shared burning passion for capturing lasting images that convey the emotion behind those cherished moments.

“I would say that I naturally have a non-intrusive, candid, documentary style of photography. I find that this enables moments to unfold naturally, and allows me to create images that tell their own story. I guess I’ve always been like that in a way.

“We all love beautiful images, however, for me I find that it’s not about taking pictures, many people can do that – it’s all about capturing and holding on to life’s fleeting moments.

I have gathered and continue to gather a team of fun-loving, talented, trusted photographers that share my passion and provide the absolute best for our clients.”

We Hope that you love The Photograph Inn.

Your wedding is our passion

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